Advanced Toddler Level 6

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It is important that a double nappy system is worn in the pool for hygiene. We offer the option of a Happy Nappy to go on the top of a disposable or re-usable swim nappy.

Please order your Happy Nappy from the cart, we will send them by post along with your welcome email within 2 weeks of the course start.

Elasticated Swim pants or swimming costumes from high street retailers are not usually suitable and babies without a Neoprene over Nappy completely enclosing the swim nappy will not be allowed in the pool.

If in doubt please order the Happy Nappy now!

  • Level's 5 & 6 of the Advanced Toddler Series
  • Motor Skills and co-ordination are coming together nicely
  • This allows you child to start swimming further on the surface
  • We emphasise breathing techniques
  • This enhances their ability to swim further diatnce both underwater and on the surface