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Here at London Baby Swim we offer the opportunity at the end of each swimming term for current course participants to book into a photo shoot to capture their little one's newly acquired skills in the water! We set up the pool here like an underwater photography studio with professional lighting and state of the art Underwater Camera Equipment. This ensures professional exposure results every time with high quality images. The price of the photo shoot includes 30 minutes in the pool with our London Baby Swim photographer and our head of teaching and resident baby expert. We run a fun session for 5 babies/toddlers per group, in order to rotate the kids for their photos so they don't become distressed doing too many submersions at one time. We aim to get around 20-24 shots of your baby during the shoot over 4 submersions.

After the Photo Shoot these images will have 2 hours editing post-production work including colour correction, cropping and manipulation where time allows. Please be aware that results are based on your baby being happy in the water on the day and cannot be guaranteed. We anticipate 4 top class shots from the total, for you to print and/or enlarge from the images you are sent.

Best results will be attained if your baby has attended at least one term of baby swimming lessons (minimum of 6 lessons) where they have been introduced to submersions, otherwise this could lead to your baby/child becoming distressed. The more relaxed your baby is in the water on the day, the better your photos. If you have not already attended structured baby swimming please book a term of swimming with London Baby Swim prior to sign up for the Photo Shoot.

London Baby Swim highly recommends discussing with your Instructor if your baby/toddler is ready for a Photo Shoot.

2 Options are available:

Option 1: 'Jpeg' images are a compressed lossy format which means they are ideal for working with on your computer as they open and close quickly. They are also good for sharing by email as when closed they are compressed to around 1/6 their full size. Typically we provide a 30mb image, which is around 6mb when closed. These images are good for prints up to 24" x 20" and will suit most people. Total cost £151.95.

Option 2: 'Tiff' images are the highest quality and resolution possible and not compressed so they contain much more colour and contrast information and allow prints of almost any size up to 3mtr x 2mtr. Typically the images we provide are 70mb which is professional quality size but do take much longer to open and edit on your computer. Please make sure you add this option to the basket before checkout. Total cost £201.95.

Our Next Photo shoots are due to take place:

Osterley- Saturday 19th August

Wandsworth- Sunday 20th August


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Photo Shoot

Photo Shoots are 30 minutes duration and price includes:

* 30 minute group session with professional photographer and instructor

* Professional editing of photographs

Images will be emailed out via dropbox after the editing process is complete