London Baby Swim offers, (as a courtesy), a maximum of 3 free Catch up lessons per term for your Baby Swimming and Toddler Swimming lessons.

For your convenience we have invested heavily in a new Online Catch Up lesson system and can boast we are the only UK swimming Company to have this feature.

To cancel and Catch up a lesson please Login to your account at the top right of the page using the email and password you used to book this term. Use the forgot password link if you are logging in to the new system for the first time.

From there you will be able to choose the Catch up a lesson option from the Booker, cancel the lesson/s you require and then rebook on any of the available spaces listed online.

  • If your Little One is going to miss a lesson because of holidays, doctor appointment, other commitments, etc. the sooner you Cancel your lesson/s the more chances we will have to find a Catch Up lesson space(s) for your Little One. 
  • We do not organise Catch up lesson(s) by Phone, email or text. 
  • Please be flexible with days, times and teacher when trying to book a Catch up Lesson. 
  • Due to high demand of bookings, Catch up Lessons are subject to availability, so they cannot be guaranteed. In the event you are not able to attend any of the offered days for your Catch up lesson(s) or we are not able to offer you an alternative lesson(s) due to availability or to the current term being finished, London Baby Swim will not offer any refund or credit. 
  • Please note that once a space is cancelled, it is made available to other parents so is no longer your space and if you attend your cancelled lesson by mistake, you will not be allowed in the water.



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